The Kai Tak Points




Acupressure and Magnetism
Combined for Relief

The Janson Ear Clip is based on the KAI TAK method of two traditional Asian treatments consisting of acupuncture and magnetism. While acupuncture involves needles utilized at certain acupuncture points, the Janson Ear Clip utilizes slight pressure and magnetism at the same points as acupuncture. Wearing the Janson Ear Clip stimulates a specific acupuncture point, thus functioning as a specialized form of acupressure. This accomplishes the same basic effect as acupuncture.

The Janson Ear Clip is intended primarily for use as a form of selftreatment for various disorders as explained further on. However, the most significant benefit appears to be appetite suppression. Exactly halfway up along the outer edge the ear is a point designated as "JI-KE-DIAN". The approximate translation of the Chinese term is "Hunger-Thirst Point". European test and experience have shown stimulation of this point is useful in the treatment not only for overweight, but for a number of other conditions as well. It may be appropriate to regard this location as a general "addiction point", which may also be very useful in the treatment of alcoholism or nicotine dependency. In particular, the desire for high-calorie, fattening foods such as candy and pastries is reduced. Advocates of ear acupuncture explain the effects as a stimulation of specific centers in the brain, caused by the stimulation of a precise location on the ear.

There are 100 acupunture points on the ear (indeed, there could hardly be room for any more within such a limited surface area.) The KAI TAK method uses only seven of these points. This is because of the specially designed Janson Ear Clip on which the method is based. The Janson Ear Clip is designed to be placed on the outer edge of the ear with the small magnet directly on or slightly in front of the ear lip.

In ear acupuncture, only one ear is treated. There is a very good reason for this: the brain consists of two hemispheres, the left half, "controlling" the right side of the body and vice versa. This is why right-handed persons should wear the Janson Ear Clip on the left ear, while left-handed persons should utilize the right ear. The wearer may choose fo keep the ear clip on for a period of several hours during the day, but it can easily be worn throughout the day or night. If the Janson Ear Clip is worn halfway up the ear at the "Hunger-
Thirst point", the desired effect is twofold: To reduce feeling of hunger, while also stimulating the metablolism. It could also reduce the urge for alcohol and tobacco.

The healing effects of KAI TAK is in part attributable to the accupressure stimulus of the Janson Ear Clip on the "Shang Bei" point. However, the 500-Gauss magnetic field (the unit used to measure the strength of a magnetic field named for the famed German matheatician Carl Friedrich Gauss) also plays and a part. The Janson Ear Clip works very much like electroacupuncture, which combines the acupuncture needle with an electical current source. this is not surprising, in that the effects of the magneteic and electrmagnetic fields are quite similar. 


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